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As we study from the best books, we protect ourselves against the menacing jaws of those that seek to gnaw at our spiritual roots.
The Lord tells us that when we stand with faith upon His rock, doubt and fear are diminished; the desire to do good increases.
As followers of the Savior, we have a personal responsibility to care for the poor and needy.
We become converted and spiritually self-reliant as we prayerfully live our covenants.
Have you ever felt that Heavenly Father keeps blessings instead of freely sharing them? Actually, He showers us with blessings constantly and it's up to us to decide how to have them reach us.
Through a friend's good example, I learned how to keep the Sabbath day holy.
Elder Scott explains that as you continue to center your mind and heart in the Lord, He will help you have a rich and full life no matter what happens in the world around you.
Put God first, regardless of the trials you face. Love God. Have faith in Christ, and entrust yourself to Him in all things.