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Member Sharing

What did members of Clementi Ward and Choa Chu Kang Ward team up to do for residents in Telok Blangah?
How do you light the world for seniors?
The Stake Relief Society recently delievered gifts to the Jamiyah Nursing Home and the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for Christmas.
You have heard of the target of 50,000 hours of service that members in the Stake are going to offer to the community as part of the 50th Anniversary of the Church in Singapore in 2019.
When Ms Nora Rustham, Chairperson of the Women & Family Department of Jamiyah Singapore invited the children's choir of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to sing at its 26th Annual Exemplary Mother Award Ceremony, Singapore Stake President Jean Luc-Butel promptly accepted the invitation though no Stake Children's Choir has ever being organized.
What is the Exemplary Mother Award? Who won the Exemplary Mother Award in 2018?
How much is a full-time mission worth? Why you should not allow someone to pay for your own mission?
How to bring ward members together
You know that missionaries work very hard, always on the go, sharing the gospel with people at bus stops, on MRT trains, at hawker centres and in shopping malls.
1. What is the objective of the Seminaries and Institutes of Religion program? 2. Why do students attend the early morning seminary program? 3. Can any adult member enrol in the Institute Program?
How to build a strong and happy family?
Sister Dalicia Leong supported her son Sherwinn all the way when he started early morning seminary four years ago.
• What does it take for a less active member to return to Church? • Do not underestimate the power of ministering
Why do members go to the Temple year after year?
At the June 3, 2018 Worldwide Devotional for Youth, President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shared a personal example of how his own efforts to follow the admonition of an earlier prophet led to life-changing experiences.
How do Relief Society sisters show their talents? What hidden talents do the sisters have that you will be shocked to find out?
If you could choose where to serve your mission, what woud it be?
Did you marry your spouse by chance or divine design? If you think something happens by change, think again.
Sister Cecilia Yow, the newly called President of the Stake Relief Society, and her two counselors are excited about the recent challenge issued by President Russell M Nelson to minister to the sisters instead of making monthly visits as visiting teachers.
How to invite less active members back to Church? You never know the difference you can make until you try.
What advice would you give a newly wed couple? What makes a happy marriage?
Work has always been both demanding and rewarding. The key challenge is to maintain a good balance between family, work, Church, and personal well-being. Learning how to maintain such balance is one of the important experiences of mortality.
Going on a mission of love to Yangon, Myanmar What is the mission of the Days for Girls (DfG)? Why do millions of girls lose opportunities to succeed in life?
How did Woodlands' Expat seminary students win the Seminary Olympics 2018? No one thought they could win but they did win Winning is not everything; service is equally important
Twenty-five members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints joined volunteers from the Al-Mawaddah Mosque, Sengkang West CCC and 'Ride of Hope'
How do you bring Christmas cheer to seniors living alone in a public housing estate?
“Money was tight. With 4 young kids, expenses in the home was high. The need to constantly purchase milk and diapers were pretty draining....
Through a friend's good example, I learned how to keep the Sabbath day holy.
Over 60 Young Single Adults and Youth from the Singapore Stake had a pleasant encounter with the elderly when they distributed food packs to seniors living in the Moulmein-Cainhill Constituency on 26 August 2017.
The Stake Relief Society celebrated its Worldwide Circle of Sisterhood on May 6, with an exciting showcase of culinary and cultural delights, representing ten countries.
Our family was keen on temple and family history since joining the Church in the 1970’s. We felt unsure where to begin.
Our Communications Committee reached out to Stake President Jean-Luc Butel who was called on March 12, 2017 to ask a few questions.
Early in 2016, planning began for a Ward Temple Trip under the direction of Bishop Jacob Soh and in collaboration with the Ward Council.
In family history work we provide the tools and process to help members and non-members find their ancestors and bring them to the Savior.
There is no more compelling work than this, nor any which brings greater satisfaction.
On our Hongkong China Temple trip, 19-24 December 2016, we wanted to perform as many ordinances as possible, from Tuesday to Friday.  With no plan for sightseeing and entertainment, our members had time to enjoy the spirit of temple worship.
1st Ward is currently one of two expat wards in Singapore, and during the northern hemisphere summer months (June/July) many families travel to visit their families at ‘home’ or travel for business or holiday.
In John 13, Christ is washing the disciple’s feet and He gives them the commandment in verse 34 “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another…”
3 Enlightening Lessons I learnt at YSA Convention 2016 That Have Contributed To My Self Confidence
Especially if you are weak on gospel knowledge. Institute material has helped guide my scripture studies.
The Singapore Young Single Adults (YSA) joined the Relief Society sisters in preparing hand-made comfort pillows for the Breast Cancer Foundation.
Sister Darine Choo (youth speaker), Singapore Stake Conference, September 2016.
Growing up, I was a free thinker though my family members were inclined towards Taoism and my late Grandma was a Buddhist.
I am from the Choa Chu Kang Ward and served in the Philippines Urdaneta Mission. A temple was announced for the Philippines Urdaneta Mission on 2 Oct 2010.
Singapore 3rd Ward held their annual ward talent show on the 6 July 2016,
“Press Forward with a Steadfastness in Christ” - Three youth reflect on Singapore Stake Youth Conference 2016.
The combined Choa Chu Kang and Clement Ward Funfair event was held on Saturday, 11 June 2016 at Pasir Panjang Chapel.
I think God is happy and more willing to pour out miracles when we pray for it for someone else’s benefit.
I doubt if the first missionaries would ever find out that their obedience to 'open their mouth at all times' would eventually lead from a planted seed into a fruit-bearing tree.
On January 30 2016, young women from the different wards in Singapore came together for the annual Young Women in Excellence.
I served my mission at Philippines Naga Mission. Tagalog was my proselyting language but Naga has many dialects namely Bicol (Naga), Rinconada, Buhi, and lots more and it was really nice to learn most of the dialects.
The surge of terrorist attacks around the world has highlighted the need for people across religious and racial fault lines to unite and speak out against such violence.
Think of the last time you received a gift that you had REALLY been wanting but had to wait a long time to receive. 
The purposes of Church welfare are to help members “become self-reliant, to care for the poor and needy, and to give service.”
'I was a stranger and you took me in.' (Matthew 25:35). For year-end Christmas 2015, the Toa Payoh Ward Council (comprising members from the Bishopric, the Relief Society and Primary) considered the question “What can we do for the needy this Christmas?”
The love of Christ, His grace and mercy is sufficient for any whose hands and hearts hang down and whose paths are lost.
I believe that if I continue to be exactly obedient to His commandments and have faith, many more miracles can happen to my life.
I am honestly in awe of His power… my heart is forever changed.
The Stake Talent Night on 12 August 2015 mirrored the unity and diversity that often greets us in the congregations of the Saints.
To all members worldwide, there is a renewed call to better observe the Holy Sabbath.
...Those two years in France really changed my life and my perspective on how the gospel blesses the lives of people.
As I served the people around me, studied my scriptures and applied the principles of the Atonement in my life, I saw both personal and spiritual growth in my life.
If God can do what he did for me in Italy, then I know God can do anything. That knowledge is my most prized possession.
Being on a mission defines what “Being in the world, but not of the world” is. And having returned from on my mission now, I can truly see the difference.
A total of 78 Young Single Adults and 9 adult leaders attended the Young Single Adult Convention held from 29 May to 01 June 2015 at Lotus Desaru Resort in Malaysia.
Torrential rain could not stop around 280 people convening at the Singapore Stake Center on 25th April 2015 for the Easter Cantata organized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
In my youth, I often talked about serving a full-time mission because I thought it would be “cool” and that I would have spiritual experiences as I “walk with God” daily.
Serving in the Singapore Mission, (the country I grew up in) will always be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
I never thought I could love people so much and desire their best welfare and salvation.
One day two missionaries came knocking on our door.   This was in 1970 when Singapore was still part of the South-east Asia Mission.
What an honour to have living Apostles visit Singapore.
Singapore 1st and 4th Wards went to Cebu Temple, Philippines over Chinese New Year weekend in February 2015. 
It was a real privilege to pin on a black name tag and dedicate 18 months to serving the Lord. It was the best experience of my life.
The Bishopric of Choa Chu Kang Ward of Singapore Stake was re-organized on 11 January 2015.
It wasn’t happenstance that Sister Crabb and Sister Fuglislater ran into Tracy on the train. She’s a young single adult of the Catholic faith.
I absolutely loved teaching over the phone - there were many miracles and my companions and I helped baptize a few people from inbound calls. There are teaching centers on Temple Square with lots of computers for us to do this. Cool, huh? The church is true!
I have come to realise that nothing I can sacrifice will ever come close to the blessings that I have received.
The experiences, the lessons I learned when things didn’t quite turn out as we planned, the doctrine we taught every day, and many more factors molded, shaped, and burned a testimony in me that is still growing today.
My mission taught me that I can do hard things because I am a Taiwan, Taipei missionary! 
Thousands gathered in pink to support the Pink Ribbon Walk 2014. This is an annual event to raise funds and awareness for the Breast Cancer Foundation. 
I have come to know and understand the love that Heavenly Father has for each of His precious children. He wants each of us to succeed; His plan for us is greater than we can imagine.
I have always enjoyed writing poems. Yet oft times I feel like the servant with one talent in the parable of the talents,
I was called to serve in the Philippines Manila Mission (June 2012-June 2013), which then split to form the New Philippines Cavite Mission (July 2013-June2014). 
My mother succumbed to breast cancer when I was around 5 months into my mission. Although I was unable to attend her funeral, I was enveloped by God’s love so strongly during that time. I can testify with all of my heart that Christ is our loving Saviour, and that He has broken the bands of death through His everlasting sacrifice.
To see the gospel changing the lives of others changed my life as well. It made me realize that I need God so much, in every aspect of my life.
There are two expat wards (congregations) in Singapore. The turnover in these wards can be high as families come and go as jobs dictate. What is it like to live in Singapore as an expat?
Experiences that we go through in life will be those that we specifically need…
We are halfway through 2014 and many sisters are spending their free time with wool in one hand and a crochet hook in the other. Knitting? In Singapore?
Lessons I learned from my mission - The paradox of life is that we will only find ourselves when we decide to lose ourselves.
I served in the New York, New York North Mission and spent the majority of my time in Chinatown. It has been a wonderful journey.
Centering its theme on 'Ordinary Women doing Extraordinary Things', the evening honored the pioneer sisters of Singapore.
It has taught me so many things that I couldn't have learned otherwise.
Our 2014 theme “Hasten the Work” was evident at the Open House at the Compassvale Link Chapel held on Jan 18th, 2014.