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Member Sharing 2018

How do you light the world for seniors?
The Stake Relief Society recently delievered gifts to the Jamiyah Nursing Home and the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for Christmas.
You have heard of the target of 50,000 hours of service that members in the Stake are going to offer to the community as part of the 50th Anniversary of the Church in Singapore in 2019.
When Ms Nora Rustham, Chairperson of the Women & Family Department of Jamiyah Singapore invited the children's choir of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to sing at its 26th Annual Exemplary Mother Award Ceremony, Singapore Stake President Jean Luc-Butel promptly accepted the invitation though no Stake Children's Choir has ever being organized.
What is the Exemplary Mother Award? Who won the Exemplary Mother Award in 2018?
How much is a full-time mission worth? Why you should not allow someone to pay for your own mission?
How to bring ward members together
You know that missionaries work very hard, always on the go, sharing the gospel with people at bus stops, on MRT trains, at hawker centres and in shopping malls.
1. What is the objective of the Seminaries and Institutes of Religion program? 2. Why do students attend the early morning seminary program? 3. Can any adult member enrol in the Institute Program?
How to build a strong and happy family?
Sister Dalicia Leong supported her son Sherwinn all the way when he started early morning seminary four years ago.
• What does it take for a less active member to return to Church? • Do not underestimate the power of ministering
Why do members go to the Temple year after year?
At the June 3, 2018 Worldwide Devotional for Youth, President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shared a personal example of how his own efforts to follow the admonition of an earlier prophet led to life-changing experiences.
How do Relief Society sisters show their talents? What hidden talents do the sisters have that you will be shocked to find out?
If you could choose where to serve your mission, what woud it be?
Did you marry your spouse by chance or divine design? If you think something happens by change, think again.
Sister Cecilia Yow, the newly called President of the Stake Relief Society, and her two counselors are excited about the recent challenge issued by President Russell M Nelson to minister to the sisters instead of making monthly visits as visiting teachers.
How to invite less active members back to Church? You never know the difference you can make until you try.
What advice would you give a newly wed couple? What makes a happy marriage?
Work has always been both demanding and rewarding. The key challenge is to maintain a good balance between family, work, Church, and personal well-being. Learning how to maintain such balance is one of the important experiences of mortality.
Going on a mission of love to Yangon, Myanmar What is the mission of the Days for Girls (DfG)? Why do millions of girls lose opportunities to succeed in life?
How did Woodlands' Expat seminary students win the Seminary Olympics 2018? No one thought they could win but they did win Winning is not everything; service is equally important
Twenty-five members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints joined volunteers from the Al-Mawaddah Mosque, Sengkang West CCC and 'Ride of Hope'
How do you bring Christmas cheer to seniors living alone in a public housing estate?