Douglas Huang called as 2nd Counselor in Choa Chu Kang Ward Bishopric

Choa Chu Kang Ward Bishopric : (left to right) Alan Tai, Bishop Gremar Sempio, Douglas Huang

The Bishopric of Choa Chu Kang Ward was reorganized on Sunday, 19 March 2017 during the Ward Conference. The newly called Stake Presidency, President Jean Luc-Butel presided at the Ward Conference.

Bro Yee Wing Kong, the first counselor, was released.  His family recently moved out of the ward boundary.

Bro Alan Tai who was serving as the second counselor was called as the first counselor with Bro Douglas Huang as the second counselor to Bishop Gremar Sempio. 

Brother Douglas Huang said,  "This is a humbling experience.  It overwhelms me.  I feel unworthy to serve in this calling but I will do my best."